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Measure twice, cut once

The Client has laid out what his or her requirements are. The Design Team is challenged to develop such a plan. The Builder/Contractor will produce the results. On schedule and within budget……….In a perfect world, this would all come together.

Drawings and Specifications, Cost, and Schedule. Three important segments of a project.

Let’s start with Schedule.  As part of the process, the client needs to advise what the schedule parameters are. This should dictate how the contractor will be selected.  Should it be negotiated or competitively bid ?

If time is of the essence, then selecting a responsible contractor, and working as a team with the Owner and Designer is the best way to proceed. Why?  Because, a team approach will require fewer design documents, product and schedule imput from the contractor, and better estimating of the work to be done.

With more time to spare, or the requirement of  bidding, due to financing or other reasons, the client would best be served by selecting and pre-qualifing 3 to 5 responsible contractors to bid.

The Cost, always a factor, needs to be addressed right up front. Is there a budget, or will the project dictate  the budget? If there is a budget, then the design team should analyze the budget and the project and determine whether the budget is real or needs to be addressed.  

Drawings and Specifications should be developed by a Professional Design Team experienced in the type of  building the client requires.   With budget and schedule outlined, the client should receive the best  results.