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    Our experience and deep community roots connect us with the best sub-contractors and tradesmen in the area.

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    Managing your project to ensure quality standards are met at every phase is our priority. It's our commitment to you.

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    Whether working with your architect or drawing building plans ourselves, we are devoted to your vision from start to finish.

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    Our Maine-licensed realtor services can help you find the perfect lot or property for your project.


Project Planning For Home Building


The schedule will dictate how the contractor will be selected. If time is of the essence, selecting a responsible contractor and working as a team with the owner & designer is recommended. With more time to spare, or the requirement of bidding due to financing or other reasons, the client is best served by selecting and pre-qualifying 3–5 responsible contractors to bid.


Cost is always a factor and should be addressed up front. If there is a budget, the design team should analyze the budget and the project and determine whether the budget is real or needs to be addressed. In some cases, the project will dictate the budget.

Drawings and Specifications

These should be developed by a professional design team experienced in the type of building the client requires. The client will receive the best results when the schedule & budget are outlined in advance.