We know your residential building needs.

Measure twice, cut once

You have decided to build or remodel, and you may or may not have land or plans, and you wonder, how do I approach this major undertaking in my life?  Do I call an Architect, a Builder, a Land Planner or a Shrink ?  Talk to a builder with many years of experience. Why?  Because the builder can ask the important questions to guide you in the right direction.

If you are looking to build and you don’t have land, then you need to find that special piece of land that you have always yearned for, can afford, and can build your dream house  within the budget that fits you. First, be honest with the builder and advise him what your total budget is. If he knows your budget, he can then outline a preliminary breakdown of the costs of the land, the construction costs and timing. Banks are going to want to see at least 20% of your personal investment before they are willing to make a committment.  The best thing to do is to get pre-approved from the bank, so you know how much they will lend you.

McCormick & Associates Builders has the long time experience to guide you through both the prelimiary stages as discussed above, the design stage and the construction phase. Since 1974, we have been guiding new clients and return clients through the process to a successful and satisfied conclusion. Call and ask for Allen Mitchell, owner of McCormick & Associates, and he will be that guide to make your biggest investment and dream become a pleasant reality.